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Import Model from XGBoost

Using Apache Ignite you can import pre-trained models from XGBoost. The models are translated into Apache Ignite ML models. Apache Ignite ML also provides the ability to import pre-trained XGBoost models for local or distributed inference.

The difference between translating the model into an Apache Ignite ML model and performing distributed inference is in the parser implementation. This example shows how you can import a model from XGBoost and translate it to an Apache Ignite ML model for distributed inference:

File mdlRsrc = IgniteUtils.resolveIgnitePath(TEST_MODEL_RES);

ModelReader reader = new FileSystemModelReader(mdlRsrc.getPath());

XGModelParser parser = new XGModelParser();

AsyncModelBuilder mdlBuilder = new IgniteDistributedModelBuilder(ignite, 4, 4);

Model<NamedVector, Future<Double>> mdl =, parser);