Apache Ignite In-Memory Computing Platform

Apache Ignite® is a horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant distributed in-memory computing platform for building real-time applications that can process terabytes of data with in-memory speed.

Apache Ignite Use Cases

Applications Acceleration & Data Caching

Gain up to 100x acceleration for existing services, applications, and APIs using Apache Ignite as a distributed high-performance in-memory layer. Keep underlying databases in sync, using Ignite as an in-memory data grid.

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Digital Integration Hub

A digital integration hub is an advanced platform architecture that aggregates multiple back-end systems and databases into a low-latency and shared data store. Use Apache Ignite to cache and persist data sets scattered across many disjointed back-end databases and/or SaaS platforms to make them instantly available to your applications through Apache Ignite’s functionally rich, unified and consistent APIs.

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