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Version Upgrade

Upgrade is an important part of the lifecycle of any software system. This page covers the basic recommendations for upgrading the Apache Ignite version.

Upgrading Nodes

Updating node version is as simple as replacing the Apache Ignite binaries with a new version. However, there are several things to keep in mind when performing the upgrade:

  • Ignite cluster cannot have nodes that run on different Ignite versions. You need to stop the cluster and start it again on the new Ignite version.

  • It is possible to accidentally overwrite your persistent storage or other important data during the upgrade. It is recommended to move this data outside of intallation folder if you are planning upgrades:

    • The work directory is used to store application data and all data required for the node to work. You can change its location as described in tge Configuring Work Directory section.

    • The persistent storage holds all information stored on the node. You can change its location as described in the Configuring Persistent Storage Directory section.

    • WAL Archive os used to store WAL segments for recovery. You can change its location as described in WAL Archive section.