Apache Ignite


Scale across memory and disk with no compromises.
Process your data with SQL, compute, real-time streaming and other APIs.
Apache Ignite Features

Apache Ignite comprises the following
set of components

Distributed Multi-Tiered Storage

State-of-the-art storage engine that performs at in-memory
speed and stores data durably at unlimited scale

Multi-Tier Storage

Chose a storage mode for your performance and capacity needs: in-memory, in-memory + external database, or in-memory + native persistence.

Native Persistence

Turn Ignite into a database with capacity and durability characteristics of traditional disk-based databases.

Essential Developer APIs

Start with Ignite seamlessly using the APIs you are already
experienced with

Distributed SQL

Interact with Ignite as with a regular SQL database using JDBC, ODBC drivers, or native SQL APIs.

ACID Transactions

Operate in a strongly consistent mode with full support for distributed ACID transactions

Key Value APIs

Use simple key-value requests for fast data look-ups and updates.

High-Performance Computing APIs

Execute kilobyte-size custom code over petabytes of data

Compute APIs

Execute data-intensive and compute-intensive logic over your distributed cluster.

Machine Learning

Use built-in algorithms to train and execute machine and deep learning models at scale.


Create and deploy custom micro-service on your cluster nodes.

Real-Time Streaming APIs

Implement event-driven architectures seamlessly
with the following Ignite product features:


Stream and process your data in a scalable and fault-tolerant fashion.

Continuous Queries

Execute your custom logic in response to data changes happening across the cluster.


Exchange messages across the publisher-subscriber pattern.
Looking For Something Else?
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