Apache Ignite

Real-Time Streaming

Ingest streams of data and build event-driven architectures

With Apache Ignite you can load and stream large finite — or never-ending — volumes of data in a scalable and fault-tolerant way into the cluster.


The rate at which data can be injected into Ignite exceeds millions of events per second on a moderately sized cluster.

Ignite Core Streaming APIs

What are those APIs?

With Ignite core streaming APIs such as IgniteDataStreamer you get basic streaming capabilities out of the box. You can stream and transform your data originating from multiple custom sources.

Ignite data streamers automatically buffer the data and group it into batches for better performance, and send it in parallel to multiple nodes.


IgniteDataStreamer is used for:

Data loading

Real-time data streaming

Achieving advanced streaming capabilities by integrating with streaming frameworks:


Event-Driven Architecture Basic Principles

In many cases, streams of data we receive comprise events that we have to react to.
With Apache Ignite, you can:

Enrich and transform your data
on the fly.
Execute any calculations in response
to an event on the cluster-node side.
React to your streams of data on the application side with continuous queries.
If streamed data represents an event, your application-side logic can react to it after receiving a notification from continuous queries.