Apache Ignite

Use Cases

With plenty of capabilities, Apache Ignite finds its route in many use-cases, ranging from a basic distributed cache, distributed database for hybrid transactional/analytical processing, to a sophisticated digital integration hub.
Apache Ignite Use Cases

Widespread use-cases

Application Acceleration
And Scale Out

Accelerate your existing applications by 100x or more by using in-memory computing. There are several deployment options.

In-Memory Cache

Cache data with extra capabilities: query with SQL and update atomically by using ACID transactions.

In-Memory Data Grid

Use an advanced read-through / write-through cache that is deployed on top of one or several databases.

In-Memory Database

Use Apache Ignite as an ultra-fast and horizontally scalable in-memory database.

High-Performance Computing

Execute kilobyte-size custom code over petabytes of data. Turn your Ignite database into a distributed supercomputer for low-latency calculations, complex analytics, and machine learning.

Distributed Database For HTAP Workloads

Build modern applications that support transactional and analytical workloads by using Ignite as a database that scales beyond available memory capacity.

Ignite allocates memory for your hot data and goes to disk whenever applications query cold records.

Digital Integration Hub

Аn advanced platform architecture that aggregates multiple back-end systems and databases into a low-latency and shared data store.

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Other use-cases

Key-Value Store

Access the cluster with key-value requests or take advantage of APIs available exclusively in Ignite.

Apache Spark Performance Acceleration

Accelerate the performance of Apache Spark® by keeping data in a shared Apache Ignite® in-memory cluster.

Apache Hadoop Performance Acceleration

Get real-time analytics across Apache™ Hadoop® operational and historical data silos.