Apache Ignite

Elevate your Ignite experience with the help of community-curated technical resources, code samples, how-to videos, training courses and other materials


Apache Ignite Documentation

Start with the technical documentation to discover:
  • Apache Ignite’s key capabilities
  • How to use certain features
  • How to approach cluster optimizations
  • Best troubleshooting techniques

Ignite Wiki

A collection of low-level design documents and instructions:
  • Architectural internals of Ignite components
  • Ignite Enhancement Proposals: next big things for Ignite
  • Coding and release guidelines

Git Repositories

Ignite Source Code

Download Apache Ignite and install in your environment.

Select one of the following links:

Ignite Extensions

A group of integrations between Apache Ignite and various Java frameworks such as Kafka, Flink, and others.

Ignite Teamcity Bot

A tool intended to monitor Apache Ignite Teamcity where Apache Ignite is tested

Ignite Website

The repository hosts the source code
of the Apache Ignite website


Essential Videos And Webinar Recordings

Explore our collection of videos featuring widespread use-cases.

Explore the full collection of Apache Ignite videos and recordings on YouTube.

Training and Courses

Enhance your knowledge of building high-performance and
data-intensive applications with the Apache Ignite capabilities.

Apache Ignite Essentials: Key Design Principles For Building Data-Intensive Applications

Learn about data partitioning, affinity co-location, and co-located processing

Training Schedule

Apache Ignite and Kubernetes: Deployment and Orchestration Strategies

Learn how to deploy and orchestrate Apache Ignite in a Kubernetes environment

Training Schedule

Apache Ignite For Spring Boot And Spring Data Development

Explore the best practices and nuances of using Spring Boot and Spring Data with Apache Ignite

Training Schedule
Explore Other Free Training Courses

Apache Ignite Book

This book is useful for developers and architects who want to expand
their knowledge of in-memory computing and distributed databases.

The book is recommended by
the Apache Ignite Community
This is one of the very few good books on Apache Ignite. It covers
the whole spectrum of Ignite. From use-cases and architecture to maintenance and code examples that get your hands dirty. If you want one book to get it all, this is it!
Edward Kuenen
Software developer
Visit Book GitHub

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