Proven Use Cases - Apache Ignite

Proven Use Cases for Apache Ignite

Apache Ignite® is used to solve complex problems related to speed and scale. On this page, the community attempts to accumulate all publicly disclosed production use cases of Ignite with some reference data. We hope the shared architectural and implementation details will help you to build more robust Ignite solutions.

If you have an Apache Ignite use case to share, then do not hesitate to reach us out on the Ignite dev list and we'll get it added to this page.


Apache Ignite usage for IBM Z Mainframes workloads acceleration.

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Raiffeisen Bank

As users transition to digital channels, the load on the bank's systems has increased. For example, since the beginning of 2020, the number of requests to the ABS subsystems from Raiffeisen-Online has grown by a third. Therefore, load reduction and system scaling are constant and top priorities.


Apache Ignite usage for handling real-time marketing campaigns.

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Yahoo! Japan

This blog post explains why Yahoo! Japan chose Apache Ignite as their solution for a highly scalable caching system that can process tens of thousands of requests per second. SQL queries were performed via thin clients since they do not require a standard topology join and therefore are easier to be handled through container services. After a successful POC, Ignite fully met their requirements and was quickly rolled into production.

American Airlines

American Airlines IT transformation with the help of Apache Ignite.

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ING Bank

ING core banking system transformation with Apache Ignite.

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Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil is developing in-house the omnichannel Horus platform. They implemented a complex event processing (CEP) ecosystem that is based on Apache Ignite, JBoss Drools, and other components. The team also built microservices and interface applications, both event-driven.


24 Hour Fitness

Apache Ignite as a digital integration hub and database for a variety of 24 Hour Fitness services.

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JPMorgan Chase

Exposure management poses unique technical challenges for Asset Management. Requests involve heavy computation on top of millions of data points with target response times of around a 1/3 second. This challenge was solved using Apache Ignite-based platform.

The increasing need in the finance world to apply transformations to large datasets in real-time led the Asset Management’s portfolio management system team to select Ignite to achieve persistence, caching and integrated compute.

BNP Paribas

A hybrid transactional-analytical processing (HTAP) solution in BNP Paribas is powered by Apache Ignite and enables bank to make key business decisions in real-time. uses Ignite for distributed analytics in the bioinformatics domain. Ignite as a horizontally scalable framework allows to define different statistical analyses and execute it on TB's of numerical data in real-time, without movement of data.


Trimble built a live geospatial analytics platform for construction productivity with Apache Ignite. Apache Ignite forms a key infrastructure component of TRex platform. It supports real-time ingest of data from the field along with OLTP style analytics and queries against that data such as thematic tiling, volumes & cut/fill calculations, spatial profiling, etc.


Sentienz uses Apache Ignite to handle more than 1Millions Requests per second from 10 Million devices with a single cluster IoT platform.


This presentation looks at the technical challenges presented to JacTravel Group following the acquisition of rival hotel accommodation provider TotalStay Group in 2016. Working with specialist technology consultancy, CG Consultancy, a strategic 18 month project was formed with a roadmap to consolidate booking platforms, ring-fence legacy functionality and to deliver enhanced search capability - underpinned with in-memory data grid capabilities of Apache Ignite.


Digital transformation of Sberbank banking services with Apache Ignite.

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Wellington Management

Implementation of Investment Book of Record (IBOR ) using Apache Ignite.

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Apache Ignite as a high-performance compute system for drugs' discovery.


Apache Ignite as a graph centric platform.

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Visualization and analysis of massive amounts of historical data in real-time with Apache Ignite compute grid capabilities.

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Agilent Technologies Inc.

Leveraging In-Memory Data Grid for faster Time-to-Market and Data Flexibility problems of Digital Channels.

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The Glue

How to build an event driven, dynamically re-configurable micro services platform with Apache Ignite.

FSB Tech

Building a real-time sports betting platform with Apache Ignite.

Dutch Railways

Detecting Potential Hazardous Situations in the Dutch Railway Planning to meet challenges of one of the busiest rail infrastructures in Europe JDriven built a space-based architecture with Apache Ignite