Computing With Apache Ignite

Minimize network utilization by executing kilobyte-size custom
code over petabytes of data
High Performance Computing

High-Performance Computing Overview

What is high-performance computing?

High-performance computing is the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds.

You keep all your data on the cluster node and execute your kilobyte-size custom code over petabytes of data, avoiding network-like utilization.

How it works

In traditional disk-based systems,
such as relational or NoSQL databases

Client applications usually bring data from servers, use the records for local calculations, and discard the data as soon as the business task is completed.

This approach does not scale well if a significant volume of data gets transferred over the network.

In in-memory computing systems,
such as Apache Ignite

Apache Ignite supports a co-located processing technique. The primary aim of this technique is to increase the performance of your data-intensive or compute-intensive calculations by running them straight on Ignite cluster nodes.

In co-located processing, calculations are done on local data sets of the cluster nodes. This avoids records shuffling over the network and eliminates the impact of network latency on the performance of your applications.

Benefits Of Apache Ignite Compute APIs

Broadcast or execute on specific nodes

— Broadcast your tasks to use all the CPUs of your distributed cluster.

— Or execute your computations on a specific group of nodes.

Load balance your queries

If some of the nodes are over-utilized, Ignite can load balance your calculations to the other node.

All computations are fault-tolerant

Some computations might take minutes or hours to complete, e.g. drug discovery or logistics planning. You don’t need to start from the very beginning if something goes wrong.

Sample Data- And Compute-Intensive Tasks That
Leverage High-Performance Computing

e.g. fraud-detection, risk management, financial modeling
Retail & Hospitality
e.g. recommendation systems, 360 customer experience
Media & Entertainment
e.g. creating animations, rendering special effects
Logistic and transportation
e.g. logistics planning, detecting potential hazardous situations
e.g. drug and vaccine discovery, sequencing DNA

High-Performance Computing Ignite
User Stories

Personalized websites with dynamically changing content

Whenever you visit Amazon, Walmart, Booking, or other websites, you see personalized content, such as relevant deals made especially for you.

Personalized content that takes your age, location, preferences, and previous interactions into consideration is processed and displayed in just a few seconds thanks to high-performance computing tasks that process gigabytes of data within a second.

Data-driven modelling and simulations

To create a new vaccine or drug you have to run thousands or millions
of simulations to come up with the best formula.

E-Therapeutics uses Apache Ignite capabilities for drug discovery.

Logistic and transportation companies use advanced calculations for logistics planning

Dutch Railways have thousands of different trains to deliver cargo and people across the country. They need to calculate how all those trains should be moving in real time. These calculations also happen with high compute APIs.

Real-time analytics enables fast and precise decisions

High-performance computing allows the processing of unlimited data sets,
with analysis taking only seconds.

JPMorgan Chase use Apache Ignite for heavy computations which help to make effective exposure management.

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