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Distributed In-Memory Cache

Apache Ignite® is a Java-powered database and computing platform that works with operating systems and architectures supported by Java Virtual Machines. You can find Ignite deployments running on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Oracle Solaris, IBM zOS and x86, x64, SPARC, and PowerPC instruction set architectures.

All the features and capabilities available in Ignite are supported in its Java libraries. This includes SQL, key-value, co-located computations, machine learning algorithms, and much more.

In addition to Java, Ignite supports C#, C++, Python, Node.JS, and PHP languages out-of-the-box. The thin client protocol allows expanding Ignite support to other programming languages. For instance, you can find a Go client for Ignite that is not being developed or maintained by the Ignite community.

Furthermore, you can interact with Ignite as you would with any other SQL database with the usage of JDBC or ODBC drivers.

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