Digital Integration Hub
With Apache Ignite

Build new types of applications that require real-time access
to data scattered across disparate data sources

Digital Integration Hub Overview

What is a digital integration hub?

A digital integration hub (DIH) is an advanced platform architecture that aggregates multiple back-end systems and databases into a low-latency and shared data store.

The store caches and persists data sets scattered across many disjointed back-end databases and makes them available to your applications through high-performance APIs.

How digital integration hub works

Applications access Ignite via an API service layer and experience substantial performance improvements by requesting data from only the Ignite distributed store.


Benefits Of Using Apache Ignite as a Digital Integration Hub

Advanced architecture that aggregates data
from multiple back-end data sources

No need to clutter the applications with logic accessing numerous data stores.

Unified data access layer for new types
of applications and services

Have applications accessing a single low-latency store for hybrid operations.

Digital Integration Hub Synchronization Techniques

Ignite, as a high-performance data store, can be synchronized with the back-end databases via:

Change data capture (CDC)
And other techniques

For uni-directional synchronization between an Ignite cluster
and an external store, Ignite provides the CacheStore interface.

This interface allows Ignite to write-through or write-behind all the changes to the backend-systems automatically.

It also includes transactions. Ignite coordinates and commits a transaction across its in-memory cluster as well as an external transactional database.

For bi-directional synchronization, you can consider various streaming, CDC, and event-based technologies, such as: Kafka, Spark, Debezium and others.

Why Do Businesses Need
Digital Integration Hub Solutions?

To create new types of applications that can query data from disperse data sources.

DIH is a contemporary way to complete this challenging task.


Accumulate data from dozens of data sources


Keep data in a shared and low-latency store


Get data synchronized with back-end systems

Apache Ignite User Stories

24 Hour Fitness

implements a Digital Integration Hub to offload API calls and enable new data access patterns.

Вanco do Brasil

uses digital integration hub capabilities to develop the omnichannel Horus platform.


launches the Z Digital Integration Hub built on Apache Ignite to enable real-time business agility for organizations.

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