HDFS Cache Using the In-Memory File System

Ignite File System (IGFS) is a plug-and-play in-memory file system, compatible with Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and In-Memory Map Reduce.

Dual Mode

IGFS supports dual-mode that allows it to work as either a standalone file system in Hadoop cluster, or work in tandem with HDFS, providing a primary caching layer for the secondary HDFS. As a caching layer it provides highly configurable read-through and write-through behaviour.

Write-Through & Read-Through

Ignite In-Memory File System can be configured with a Hadoop native Secondary File System. Such implementation allows for read-through and write-through behavior over any other Hadoop FileSystem implementation (e.g. HDFS).

This allows IGFS serve as an in-memory caching layer over disk-based HDFS or any other Hadoop-compliant file system.

Configure HDFS Cache