SQL Database

SQL is still considered to be a mainstream language for non trivial data processing. Nowadays, the language is no longer a prerogative of relational databases and being supported by databases and platforms of architectures different from the relational one.

Apache Ignite's SQL level of support is so extensive that the platform is widely used as a full-fledged SQL database. Combining Ignite's SQL capabilities together with its distributed core you get a horizontally scalable, fault tolerant and always available SQL database.

Performance and Durability

With Ignite Durable Memory architecture, data as well as indexes can be stored both in memory and, optionally, on disk. This allows executing distributed SQL operations across different memory layers achieving in-memory performance with the durability of disk. If the disk layer is disabled Apache Ignite can be utilized as an in-memory database.

SQL ANSI-99 Compliance

Ignite complies with SQL ANSI-99 standard supporting all SQL and DML commands, including SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, MERGE, DELETE statements and distributed joins. It also provides support for a subset of DDL commands relevant for distributed SQL databases.

Languages and Tools

You can interact with Apache Ignite using the SQL language via natively developed APIs for Java, .NET and C++, or via the Ignite JDBC or ODBC drivers. This provides a true cross-platform connectivity from an endless number of SQL tools and programming languages.

Check SQL section for more details or start using Ignite as a SQL database referring to SQL Getting Started Guide