Proven Use Cases for Apache Ignite®

Ignite has been used to solve complex problems pertaining to speed and scalability. The following videos show some of the use cases of Ignite usage in production.

If you have an Apache Ignite use case to share then do not hesitate reaching us out on the Ignite dev list.

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Leveraging In-Memory Data Grid for faster Time-to-Market and Data Flexibility problems of Digital Channels

Appar Singh
IT Architect at Agilent Technologies Inc

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Embracing the Service Consumption Shift in Banking

David Follen
Chapter lead at ING Belgium

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Optimized in-memory IBOR architecture in a cloud environment using Apache Ignite

Rafique Awan
Vice President(VP)/Principal at Wellington Management

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In-Memory Computing Patterns for High Volume, Real-Time Applications

Narendra Paruchuri
Senior Principal Architect at American Airlines

Murali Ande
Director of Technology Innovation at American Airlines

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Implementation of Investment Book of Record (IBOR ) using Apache Ignite

Rafique Awan
Vice President(VP)/Principal at Wellington Management

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Journey into the Use of IMDG to Strengthen the Electronic Banking Offering of ING

Lieven Merckx
IT Architect at ING Belgium

This presentation explains how Apache Ignite and GridGain in-memory data grid capabilities are used to increase the scalability and availability of the electronic banking offerings. The goal is to share experiences on how this technology fits into the technical landscape and which integration patterns are being tested and deployed.


High Availability and Disaster Recovery for IMDG

Vladimir Komarov
Enterprise IT Architect at Sberbank

Mikhail Gorelov
Operations expert & manager at Sberbank

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How In-Memory Solutions Can Assist with SaaS Integrations

Craig Gresbrink
Solutions Architect at 24 Hour Fitness

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How to build an event driven, dynamically re-configurable micro services platform

Sven Beauprez
Application Integration Architect at The Glue


An Ignite Compute Grid in the Cloud

Chris Berry
Software Architect at HomeAway

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Apache Ignite London 2nd Meetup: Scaling Sports Betting from FSB Tech

Sam Lawrence


Using In-Memory Grid Compute to Achieve Scalability and High Performance with Legacy Travel Applications

Francesco De Marchis
CTO at JacTravel Group

This presentation looks at the technical challenges presented to JacTravel Group, following the acquisition of rival hotel accommodation provider, TotalStay Group in 2016. Working with specialist technology consultancy, CG Consultancy, a strategic 18 month project was formed with a roadmap to consolidate booking platforms, ring-fence legacy functionality and to deliver enhanced search capability - underpinned with in-memory data grid capabilities of Apache Ignite and GridGain.


'Recent purchases' with Apache Ignite

Roman Shtykh
Big Data Architect at Yahoo! JAPAN

This blog post explains why Yahoo! Japan chose Apache Ignite as their solution for a highly scalable caching system that can process tens of thousands requests per second. SQL queries were performed via thin clients since they do not require a standard topology join and therefore are easier to be handled through container services. After a successful POC, Ignite fully met their requirements and was quickly rolled into production.