Multi-Platform Support by Apache Ignite

Ignite In-Memory Data Fabric is developed predominantly in Java, and provides native support for other languages. It also supports several client protocols and provides various deployment options

Cross-Platform Interoperability

Ignite also supports cross-platform interoperability by writing objects to cache in a common binary format allowing application to seamlessly interoperate between Java, .NET and C++.

Client Protocols

Ignite supports several protocols for client connectivity to Ignite clusters, including Ignite Native Clients, REST/HTTP, SSL/TLS, Memcached, Node.js (under development), etc.

Deployment Options

Apache Ignite provides several deployment options. It can run stand alone, in a cluster, within Docker containers, as well as on Apache Mesos and Hadoop Yarn. Ignite can also run on physical servers, as well as within virtual environments.