Ignite Native Persistence

Ignite Native Persistence is a distributed ACID and SQL-compliant disk store that transparently integrates with Ignite's durable memory as an optional disk layer storing data and indexes on SSD, Flash, 3D XPoint, and other types of non-volatile storages.

With the Ignite Persistence enabled, you no longer need to keep all the data and indexes in memory or warm it up after a node or cluster restart because Apache Durable Memory is tightly coupled with the persistence and treats it as a secondary storage. This implies that if a subset of data or an index is missing in RAM, the durable memory will take it from disk.

Apache Ignite Native Persistence has the following advantages over 3rd party persistent stores (RDBMS, NoSQL, Hadoop) that can be used as an alternative persistence layer for an Apache Ignite cluster:

  • Ability to execute SQL queries over the data that is both in memory and on disk which means that Apache Ignite can be used as a memory-centric distributed SQL database.
  • No need to have all the data and indexes in memory. The Ignite Persistence allows storing a superset of data on disk and only most frequently used subsets in memory.
  • Instantaneous cluster restarts. If the whole cluster goes down there is no need to warm up the memory by preloading data from the Ignite Persistence. The cluster becomes fully operational once all the cluster nodes are interconnected with each other.
  • Data and indexes are stored in a similar format both in memory and on disk that helps to avoid expensive transformations while the data sets are being moved between memory and disk.
  • An ability to create full and incremental cluster snapshots by plugging-in 3rd party solutions.

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