In-Memory MapReduce

Apache Ignite comes with in-memory implementation of Hadoop MapReduce APIs which provides significant acceleration over the native Hadoop MapReduce implementation. Ignite MapReduce performs much better than Hadoop due to push-based resource allocation as well as in-process collocation of computations with data.

Additionally, since Ignite File System (IGFS) does not need a Name Node, when used with IGFS, Ignite MapReduce jobs go directly to the IGFS data nodes in a single round-trip.

Native Hadoop MapReduce

See MapReduce documentation to plug Ignite MapReduce natively into Hadoop deployments.

Ignite MapReduce Features

Feature Description
Native Hadoop MapReduce

Ignite MapReduce is an implementation of Hadoop MapReduce APIs and can be natively plugged into existing Hadoop installations to provide a significant performance boost.

Hadoop Accelerator

Ignite comes with Hadoop Accelerator distribution which provides both, Ignite File System (IGFS) and Ignite MapReduce, in one installation which can be easily plugged into existing Hadoop installations.