Supported Client Protocols

Ignite supports several protocols for client connectivity to Ignite clusters, including Ignite Native Clients, REST/HTTP, SSL/TLS, Memcached, Redis, Node.js (under development), etc.

GitHub Examples:

See memcached examples and REST examples available on GitHub.

Supported Clients

Feature Description
Ignite Native Client

Ignite Native Clients provide full functionality of Ignite In-Memory Data Fabric to the remote clients connecting to the data fabric. It allows to use the whole set of Ignite APIs, including Near Caching, transactions, compute, streaming, services, etc.


Ignite is Memcached compliant, which enables users to store and retrieve distributed data from Ignite cache using any Memcached compatible client, including Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and other Memcached clients.


Ignite is partially Redis compliant and enables users to store and retrieve distributed data from Apache Ignite caches using any Redis compatible client.


Ignite provides an HTTP REST client that gives you the ability to communicate with the grid over HTTP and HTTPS protocols using REST approach. REST APIs can be used to perform different operations, like read/write from/to cache, execute tasks, get various metrics and more.


Ignite allows you to use SSL socket communication among all Ignite client and server nodes.

Node.JS (under development)

Ignite will provide Node.JS client connectivity which enables all cache operations, and SQL queries over JSON data stored in Ignite.