Community Resources

There are many ways you can get help from Apache Ignite community. The mailing lists are the easiest way to get answers or to get involved with the project. Specifically, if you have any questions on how to use Ignite, you should subscribe to the user mailing list:

Stack Overflow

Many Ignite community members watch Stack Overflow for the tag "ignite" or "apacheignite", so you can post your questions there as well.

Mailing Lists

Git Repositories

Issue Tracking

Visit Ignite Jira if you would like to file a new issue or view existing issues. If you would like to assign an issue to yourself and start contributing, please send an email to the dev mailing list, so you can be granted proper Jira permissions.


Visit Ignite Wiki to learn about coding guidelines, release structure, and various design decisions behind Ignite features.

Contributers and Committers

Visit the Apache Ignite Contributors page to see a list of top contributors and committers for the project.

The table below summarizes committers and PMC members of Apache Ignite:

Alexey Goncharuk *GridGain
Alexey Kuznetsov *GridGain
Alexey PlehanovSberTech
Alexey ZinovievEPAM
Andrey Gura *GridGain
Andrey Novikov *GridGain
Andrew MashenkovGridGain
Anton Vinogradov *SberTech
Branko Čibej
Denis Magda **GridGain
Dmitriy GovorukhinGridGain
Dmitriy Pavlov *GridGain
Dmitriy Setrakyan *GridGain
Evans Ye *Trend Micro
Gianfranco Murador *Engiweb Security
Henry Saputra
Igor RudyakRally Health
Igor SapegoGridGain
Igor SeliverstovGridGain
Ilya Kasnacheev *GridGain
Ilya LantukhGridGain
Ilya Sterin *ChronoTrack
Irina Vasilinets *WhatsApp
Ivan PavlukhinGridGain
Ivan RakovGridGain
Konstantin Boudnik *
Maxim MuzafarovSberTech
Michael Stack
Nikita Ivanov *GridGain
Nikolai Izhikov *SberTech
Nikolai Tikhonov *Nexign
Ognen Duzlevski *Shoutlet
Pavel Tupitsyn *Aurea
Pavel KovalenkoGridGain
Raúl Kripalani *Evosent Consulting
Roman Shaposhnik *Pivotal
Roman Shtykh *Yahoo Japan Corporation
Saikat MaitraTarget
Semyon Boikov *
Sergey Evdokimov *
Sergey Khisamov *Fitech Source
Sergey Vladykin *GridGain
Valentin Kulichenko *GridGain
Vladimir Ozerov *GridGain
Vladisav Jelisavcic
Vyacheslav DaradurYandex
Yakov Zhdanov *GridGain
Yury BabakGridGain

*  - PMC member
** - PMC chair