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ignite::binary::BinaryStringArrayReader Class Reference

Binary string array reader. More...

#include <binary_containers.h>

Public Member Functions

 BinaryStringArrayReader (impl::binary::BinaryReaderImpl *impl, int32_t id, int32_t size)
 Constructor. More...
bool HasNext ()
 Check whether next element is available for read. More...
int32_t GetNext (char *res, int32_t len)
 Get next element. More...
std::string GetNext ()
 Get next element. More...
int32_t GetSize () const
 Get array size. More...
bool IsNull () const
 Check whether array is NULL. More...

Detailed Description

Binary string array reader.

Can be used to read array of strings string by string.

Use GetNext() method to read array value by value while HasNext() method returns true.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ignite::binary::BinaryStringArrayReader::BinaryStringArrayReader ( impl::binary::BinaryReaderImpl *  impl,
int32_t  id,
int32_t  size 


Internal call. Should not be used by user.

implReader implementation.
sizeArray size.

Member Function Documentation

int32_t ignite::binary::BinaryStringArrayReader::GetNext ( char *  res,
int32_t  len 

Get next element.

resBuffer to store data to.
lenExpected length of string. NULL terminator will be set in case len is greater than real string length.
Actual amount of elements read. If "len" argument is less than actual array size or resulting array is set to null, nothing will be written to resulting array and returned value will contain required array length. -1 will be returned in case array in stream was null.
IgniteErrorif there is no element to read.
std::string ignite::binary::BinaryStringArrayReader::GetNext ( )

Get next element.

IgniteErrorif there is no element to read.
int32_t ignite::binary::BinaryStringArrayReader::GetSize ( ) const

Get array size.

Size or -1 if array is NULL.
bool ignite::binary::BinaryStringArrayReader::HasNext ( )

Check whether next element is available for read.

True if available.
bool ignite::binary::BinaryStringArrayReader::IsNull ( ) const

Check whether array is NULL.

True if the array is NULL.

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