Apache Ignite Management and Monitoring

Apache Ignite® exposes metrics in JMX and OpenCensus formats making it possible to monitor the clusters with a broad range of tools, including Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana, App Dynamics.

On top of that, below is a list of tools developed specifically for Ignite production maintenance. In addition to the monitoring capabilities, those tools let us manage Ignite clusters and execute Ignite-specific operations straight from the UI.

Web Console SQL screenshot

Apache Ignite logo Ignite Web Console

Ignite Web Console is an interactive web-based management tool that lets you:

Refer to the Ignite Web Console documentation for more details.


GridGain logo GridGain Web Console

Web Console Dashboard diagram

GridGain Web Console is a free management and monitoring tool, built on top of Apache Ignite Web Console that allows you to do the following:

Refer to the GridGain Web Console documentation for more details and check out a hosted version skipping the installation phase.