Ignite Manage are projects that intend to make user experience with Ignite easier. To contribute your project to Ignite, send an email to dev list.

Apache Ignite Extensions

Contributed by: Sumeet Singh

Apache Ignite Extensions is a modular system to create user interface modules for interacting with application deployed in Apache Ignite. It allows users to:

  • Obtain topology information, list of nodes, and various metrics
  • Perform basic cache operations

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Apache Ignite Web Console

Contributed by: GridGain Team

Ignite Web Console is an interactive web-based management tool that allows you to:

  • Create and download various configurations for Apache Ignite
  • Automatically load SQL metadata from any RDBMS
  • Connect to Ignite cluster and run SQL analytics on it
  • Manage and Monitor Ignite nodes and caches
  • View heap, CPU, and other useful node and cache metrics

Apache Ignite Web Console is a web application hosted by GridGain Systems.


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