Addons and Related Solutions for Apache Ignite

Ignite Manage are projects that intend to make user experience with Ignite easier. To contribute your project to Ignite, send an email to dev list.

Apache Ignite Web Console

Contributed by: GridGain Team

Ignite Web Console is an interactive web-based management tool that allows you to:

  • Create and download various configurations for Apache Ignite
  • Automatically load SQL metadata from any RDBMS
  • Connect to Ignite cluster and run SQL analytics on it
  • Manage and Monitor Ignite nodes and caches
  • View heap, CPU, and other useful node and cache metrics

Ignite Web Console is a web application that can be deployed on your system environment. For demo purposes, check out Ignite Web Console hosted by GridGain.


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Apache Ignite Extensions

Contributed by: Sumeet Singh

Apache Ignite Extensions is a modular system to create user interface modules for interacting with application deployed in Apache Ignite. It allows users to:

  • Obtain topology information, list of nodes, and various metrics
  • Perform basic cache operations

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