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ignite::transactions::TransactionConcurrency Struct Reference

Transaction concurrency control model. More...

#include <transaction_consts.h>

Public Types

enum  Type { OPTIMISTIC = 0, PESSIMISTIC = 1 }

Detailed Description

Transaction concurrency control model.

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Optimistic concurrency model.

In this mode all cache operations are not distributed to other nodes until Transaction::Commit() is called. In this mode one 'PREPARE' message will be sent to participating cache nodes to start acquiring per-transaction locks, and once all nodes reply 'OK', a one-way 'COMMIT' message is sent without waiting for reply.

Note that in this mode, optimistic failures are only possible in conjunction with ::IGNITE_TX_ISOLATION_SERIALIZABLE isolation level. In all other cases, optimistic transactions will never fail optimistically and will always be identically ordered on all participating grid nodes.


Pessimistic concurrency model.

In this mode a lock is acquired on all cache operations with exception of read operations in ::IGNITE_TX_ISOLATION_READ_COMMITTED mode. All optional filters passed into cache operations will be evaluated after successful lock acquisition. Whenever Transaction::Commit() is called, a single one-way 'COMMIT' message is sent to participating cache nodes without waiting for reply. Note that there is no reason for distributed 'PREPARE' step, as all locks have been already acquired.

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