Apache Ignite C++
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ignite::IgniteConfiguration Struct Reference

Ignite configuration. More...

#include <ignite_configuration.h>

Public Member Functions

 IgniteConfiguration ()
 Default constructor.

Public Attributes

std::string igniteHome
 Path to Ignite home. More...
std::string springCfgPath
 Path to Spring configuration file. More...
std::string jvmLibPath
 Path ot JVM libbrary. More...
std::string jvmClassPath
 JVM classpath. More...
int32_t jvmInitMem
 Initial amount of JVM memory. More...
int32_t jvmMaxMem
 Maximum amount of JVM memory. More...
std::list< std::string > jvmOpts
 Additional JVM options. More...

Detailed Description

Ignite configuration.

Member Data Documentation

std::string ignite::IgniteConfiguration::igniteHome

Path to Ignite home.

std::string ignite::IgniteConfiguration::jvmClassPath

JVM classpath.

int32_t ignite::IgniteConfiguration::jvmInitMem

Initial amount of JVM memory.

std::string ignite::IgniteConfiguration::jvmLibPath

Path ot JVM libbrary.

int32_t ignite::IgniteConfiguration::jvmMaxMem

Maximum amount of JVM memory.

std::list<std::string> ignite::IgniteConfiguration::jvmOpts

Additional JVM options.

std::string ignite::IgniteConfiguration::springCfgPath

Path to Spring configuration file.

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