Contribute to Apache Ignite

Before you start working on Apache Ignite, you should sign up to the dev mailing list and say "Hello" to everyone in the community. We have a very friendly group and intend to make joining the project as easy as possible.

Note, you need to subscribe to the dev list, before sending emails to it. To subscribe, send an empty email to and follow simple instructions in the reply.

Ignite Jira:

You should also sign up to Ignite Jira and browse through open tickets.

Development Process:

Before you start contributing, it helps to familiarize yourself with Ignite Development Process.

To Get Started:
  • Choose any of the tickets below or if your interest.
  • Send an email to the dev list letting us know that you want to work on it (make sure to subscribe first).
  • Share your JIRA ID in the email so that one of the committers can add you to the contributor list and you are able to assign the ticket to yourself.
  • Visit our How to Contribute page for details about the project workflow and JIRA process.

Pick a Ticket

Getting Started:

Apache Ignite APIs:

  • Node JS Client, IGNITE-961
  • Python Client, IGNITE-4600
  • R Client, IGNITE-4605
  • Integrations:

    Kubernetes Deployments Support:

    Parent Jira ticket for the Kubernetes related work: IGNITE-4159.

    • Discovery for Nodes to Connect to Kubernetes From Outside, IGNITE-4161


    Parent Jira ticket for the streaming work: IGNITE-108.

    Data Structures:

    Parent Jira ticket for the data structures work: IGNITE-641.

    Hadoop & Spark:


    Getting Started guide on wiki: Ignite.NET Development.

    Start Developing

    Apache Ignite uses GIT for its VCS system. The "master" branch contains the last released version. The "sprint-N" branch contains the latest code for the Nth sprint.

    GIT checkout:
                    # Master branch.
                    $ git clone
                    # Release branch.
                    $ git clone -b ignite-2.7.5
    Build Project:
                    # Build project.
                    $ mvn clean package -DskipTests
                    # Run Apache RAT
                    $ mvn clean validate -Pcheck-licenses

    See more detailed build instructions in the DEVNOTES.txt file.

    To Start Contributing:
    • Pick a ticket from Ignite Jira
    • Follow GitHub pull-request's based contribution way that is described here in details.

    Nightly Builds


    Nightly builds are not official Apache Ignite releases, have not been tested, and come with no guarantees.

    Become a Committer

    We love contributions and gladly promote active contributors to committers and PMC members!

    The most important point of becoming a committer for Apache projects is active participation within the community. Being an active community member means participating on mailing list discussions, helping to answer questions, being respectful towards others, and following the meritocratic principles of community management.

    Of course, code contributions are also important. Once you make a few code contributions, you will become eligible to join Ignite committers, and possibly Ignite PMC. Candidates for new committers or PMC members are suggested by the current committers, mentors, or PMC members, and then must be approved by the PMC voting process.