Web Session Clustering

Apache Ignite is capable of caching web sessions of all Java Servlet containers that follow Java Servlet 3.0 Specification, including Apache Tomcat, Eclipse Jetty, Oracle WebLogic, and others.

Horizontal Scalability

Ignite Web Sessions Cache is a distributed cache that maintains a copy of all web sessions’ data in memory. In case of an application server failure, web requests get routed to another application server that simply fetches the web session data from Ignite distributed cache.

Fault Tolerance

Ignite ensures fault tolerance by either replicating or partitioning the sessions' data across all cluster nodes. Ignite guarantees that no session is ever lost, providing a better user experience.

No Sticky Sessions

With web session caching, sticky connections become less important as sessions are now available on any application server the web request may be routed to.


Ignite web session clustering automatically plugs into any application server or servlet container.

Configure Web Session Clustering