Apache IGNITE 2.3

Putting aside the regular bug fixes and performance optimizations, the Apache Ignite 2.3 release brings new SQL capabilities and Ignite persistence improvements that are worth mentioning.


First, ALTER TABLE command support was added to Data Definition Language. Presently, the command allows adding new columns to an SQL schema in runtime -- avoiding any cluster restarts. Once a new column is added, it can be turned into an index in runtime.

Next, SQLLine tool that is now bundled with every Apache Ignite release and can be used as a default command line tool for SQL based interactions. To prove that it's fairly simple to work with Ignite as with an SQL database using the tool, we recorded a short screencast for you:

Ignite Persistence

Before Ignite version 2.3, the persistence could be enabled globally only. Now, it's up to you to decide which data to persist and which to store in RAM only. The persistence can be configured via data regions.

Features and Improvements


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