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cache_peek_mode.h File Reference

Declares ignite::cache::CachePeekMode enum. More...

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 Apache Ignite API.
 Ignite Cache API.


enum  ignite::cache::CachePeekMode {
  ignite::cache::IGNITE_PEEK_MODE_ALL = 0x01, ignite::cache::IGNITE_PEEK_MODE_NEAR = 0x02, ignite::cache::IGNITE_PEEK_MODE_PRIMARY = 0x04, ignite::cache::IGNITE_PEEK_MODE_BACKUP = 0x08,
  ignite::cache::IGNITE_PEEK_MODE_ONHEAP = 0x10, ignite::cache::IGNITE_PEEK_MODE_OFFHEAP = 0x20, ignite::cache::IGNITE_PEEK_MODE_SWAP = 0x40
 Enumeration of all supported cache peek modes. More...

Detailed Description

Declares ignite::cache::CachePeekMode enum.