Apache Ignite C++
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NigniteApache Ignite API
 NbinaryIgnite Binary Objects API
 CBinaryArrayReaderBinary array reader
 CBinaryArrayWriterBinary array writer
 CBinaryCollectionReaderBinary collection reader
 CBinaryCollectionWriterBinary collection writer
 CBinaryMapReaderBinary map reader
 CBinaryMapWriterBinary map writer
 CBinaryRawReaderBinary raw reader
 CBinaryRawWriterBinary raw writer
 CBinaryReaderBinary reader
 CBinaryStringArrayReaderBinary string array reader
 CBinaryStringArrayWriterBinary string array writer
 CBinaryTypeBinary type structure
 CBinaryType< T * >Templated binary type specification for pointers
 CBinaryWriterBinary writer
 NcacheIgnite Cache API
 NqueryContains APIs for creating and executing cache queries
 CQueryArgumentQuery argument class template
 CQueryArgumentBaseBase class for all query arguments
 CQueryCursorQuery cursor class template
 CQueryFieldsCursorQuery fields cursor
 CQueryFieldsRowQuery fields cursor
 CScanQueryScan query
 CSqlFieldsQuerySql fields query
 CSqlQuerySql query
 CTextQueryText query
 CCacheMain entry point for all Data Grid APIs
 CCacheEntryCache entry class template
 NtransactionsIgnite Transaction API
 CTransactionIgnite cache transaction
 CTransactionMetricsTransaction metrics, shared across all caches
 CTransactionsTransactions facade
 CDateDate type
 CGuidGlobal universally unique identifier (GUID)
 CIgniteMain interface to operate with Ignite
 CIgniteConfigurationIgnite configuration
 CIgniteErrorIgnite error information
 CIgnitionThis class defines a factory for the main Ignite API
 CTimestampTimestamp type