Ignite as Managed Services

Hosting Ignite on cloud as a managed service can reduce IT administration overhead - monitoring, security, backups, configuration settings - of your Ignite deployment. Ignite can be hosted on cloud as a managed service by third party companies such as GridGain Cloud, Huawei Cloud and NexaOps.

Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud shares its 30 years of ICT infrastructure experience as cloud services and provides customers with stable, reliable, secure, and ever-improving cloud services. Apache Ignite is available for deployment there.

GridGain Cloud

GridGain Cloud is built on Ignite and provides fully managed in-memory computing, secure SQL and key-value operations. GridGain Cloud includes built-in data backup and recovery on local disk. It’s managed by a team of experts and gives complete visibility and control for each cluster using the centralized web console.


NexaOps provides managed services for Apache Ignite. NexaOps is a leading provider of enterprise big data, advanced analytics, cloud and cyber-security services and solutions, along with Automated IT Infrastructure Management Services, Strategic Consulting on Cloud Adoption, Cloud Migration Services & Managed Services on Cloud.