April 28, 2021: Apache Ignite Native Persistence Storage. Overview by Ignite Developer


Apache Ignite Documentation

Apache Ignite is a distributed database for high-performance computing with in-memory speed.

The technical documentation introduces you to the key capabilities, shows how to use certain features of the current Apache Ignite version.

Though this alpha release version does not support most of the Apache Ignite functionality, it introduces several new features, which are to be accompanied with other improvements from the Ignite Enhancement Proposal list.

This alpha version of Apache Ignite, incorporating all the best solutions over the past years, possesses the highest level of usability thanks to the following improvements:

  • Schema-first approach: This feature introduces one-to-one mapping between data schemas and caches/tables, which means that the schema is defined for a cache/table before its creation.

  • Unified Configuration: This feature is presented by a set of the following improvements:

    • Platform-agnostic configuration representation

    • Clear separation between configuration and any third-party code

    • Predictable configuration lifecycle

    • Consistent runtime configuration change support

  • Ignite CLI tool: This tool functions as a single sign-on for any operational, management, and development needs.

  • See a full list of improvements.